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hello again!

I am Riya (pronounced ree-yeah).

Based in San Francisco. Currently Product Designer at Granular. Previous stints include TIBCO and Accenture.

As a designer, I strive to be more thoughtful by avoiding over-designing and taking a phased approach to seeking answers.


Before finding design, I worked in customer analytics for 2 years. There I learned to sit with data and identify patterns, but also found myself keen on figuring out the story it was telling me about people.

At heart I am a visual storyteller. I am often seen jumping into FigJam diagrams at work, visualizing live discussions with teammates. In my free time I enjoy exploring photography of all kinds.


I like reading up on a wide range of topics including design thinking, internet culture, psychology. My curiosity about the world is almost never ending. Sometimes, this leads me to analyze memes and understand why young women relieve dating anxiety through memes.

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Additionally I love spending time in nature, mostly reading and picnicking in parks.

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My ongoing "Picnics in San Francisco" series

© 2022 Riya Rana.  Crafted with much delight!

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